About Us

IPWorldTV Inc., a California based company, was established in 2005 and has grown to become “The Largest Ethnic IPTV Platform on Earth”. Since its formation, IPWorldTV has acquired 500+ TV & Radio Channels from 40 countries, in 14 different languages. With these numbers continually growing IPWorldTV has become an undisputable force in the ethnic TV market.

Our goal is simple, to offer a wide variety of live international TV channels in your native language, no matter where you are. Today, more and more consumers demand personalized and interactive media services. Consumers want to access content, at any time, on any device without geographical limitations.

With its proprietary technology, IPWorldTV is capable of providing uninterrupted live streaming in SD, HD, and before long, 3D format over public internet. IPWorldTV has made the TV Anywhere concept available for consumers over a variety of platforms, such as:

IPQ2 Version II

IPWorldTV’s new media streaming set-top-box using P2P (Pier-to-Pier) technology which allows it to work in very low bandwidth environments; such as SD quality in 1 Mbps of internet and HD Quality in 1.5 Mbps of internet. DVR feature is coming soon! IPWorldTV Inc. is always on the search to acquire and provide you, the consumer, more channels in your native language.